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Decra Acoustic is a supplier of high-quality acoustic panels based in Charlotte NC. Our products specialize in restoring sound quality in which you can choose from our Decorative Polyester (PET) acoustic solutions to our Acoustic Baffles and Clouds. We have qualified acoustic experts who have experience in reducing sounds in all types of environments such as offices, receptions, schools, studios, restaurants, churches etc.

OUR Products

PET Acoustic Screen Panels are a recent addition to the range of internal noise control systems. These systems are designed to provide extensive design flexibility while significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation.

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Trends in modern interior design have allowed Decra Acoustic to introduce Acoustic Clouds and Baffles from the DecraFonic range. This is a simple and innovative way to reduce reflected sound/reverberation by installing sound absorbing panels from the DecraFonic range.

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DecraAcoustic Services

Noise & Echo

DecraAcoustic will guarantee to reduce reverberation, reflected sound and unwanted noise across a surface by implementing our acoustic panels.

Acoustic Inspection

DecraAcoustic have qualified acoustic experts will undertake an inspection of your space and provide you with the most effective acoustic solution.

Acoustic Design

DecraAcoustic will provide you with CAD drawings of the room needing acoustic panels so you can see how our solution improve sound quality.

"Where Design Meets Quiet"

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