Timber Panels

DecraTimber Acoustic Timber Panels

Decra Acoustic have added an exciting range of  Acoustic Timber Ceiling and Wall Panels to its current range range of decorative interior acoustic products. DecraTimber Acoustic Timber panels are applied onto the walls & ceilings to create unique look while improving the acoustic performance of the space. DecraTimber Acoustic timber panels come in a range of patterns and surface finishes to suit any commercial project.  Decra Acoustic have worked with architects and interior designers to release this range of sound-absorbing panels with beautiful, durable laminate and veneer finishes. This provides Decra Acoustic clients with a unique combination of benefits combining a stylish interior range with excellent sound-absorbing properties.


Decra Acoustic Grooved Panels

The linear Grooved Acoustic panels are manufactured to reduce reverberation, enhance the sound quality of a room and add to the décor. The MDF substrate on these highly engineered panels may also be perforated to allow sound to pass through and be dissipated.

Decra Acoustic Slotted Panels

Decra Acoustic Slotted Wood Panels creates a classic interior design while minimising the echo within the room. Our Slotted Acoustic Panels are available with different slot widths as well as regular or offset slot patterns, which allows designers to create a stylish interior finish.

Decra Acoustic Perforated Panels

Decra Acoustic Perforated Panels provides being able to select from our extensive range of natural colours, quality veneers & laminates or your specified paint colour allows you to create the comfortable and inviting interior space that you need. 

"Very professional and knowledgable. Their solution for the court room was a perfect fit and resolved all our acoustic issues."

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