3D PET Panels

3D PET Acoustics

3D PET Panels are three-dimensional shapes from the DecraSound range. 3D PET acoustics reduces unwanted noises by incorporating the panels on a new wall lining or by a direct fix. The 3D panels are manufactured from 75% recycled polyester fiber some of the features consist of humidity, moisture, and fire resistance. Our panels are versatile as they come in different thicknesses and sizes to absorb specific frequencies to ensure that we assist our clients to improve the sound quality of internal spaces by minimizing reverberation. 3D PET panels provide over 20+ designs and patterns to choose from and over 50+ colors to match the aesthetics of your interior space. Surround yourself with high-quality acoustic and unique textures to maximize your interior sound control.


3D PET Panels Ideas

3D PET Panels provides innovative acoustic panels that allow clients to explore their creativity to create their distinctive décor. The three-dimensional shape enhances both aesthetics and performance quality due to the architectural design of the panels, which instantly attracts the attention of clients. 3D panels offer versatility and creative freedom.



Interior Wall Features

3D PET Panels are an environmentally friendly approach to controlling unwanted noises in a room. 3D PET panels are manufactured from 75% recycled polyester fibre which is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. At some frequencies, up to 100% of sound can be absorbed by utilising DecraSound Panels.

Enhance Furniture Decoration

3D PET Panels versatility offers flexible application instalments for not only commercial but also for residential projects. By having the choice to select from over 50+ colors you can match the design of your furniture and the personality of your space, to reduce the reverberation within your interior space.


Innovative, cost effective solution

3D PET panels are lightweight, modeled acoustic panels designed for interior wall and ceiling applications. These panels are a cost-effective solution that is easily installed in any setting to help restore premium sound quality.

3D PET Panels

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