DecraFonic Ceiling Panels

DecraFonic Acoustic Ceiling Panels are designed to provide a quiet, visually pleasing environment for interior spaces that may be otherwise difficult to utilise fully, simply because noise levels may be unacceptably high, or reverberation causes speech or audio to be hard to hear clearly. DecraFonic Panels consist of a lightweight fire resistant core with a cleanable, slightly textured paint finish. The panels are available with a variety of edge profiles to fit most available suspended ceiling grid systems. Typical applications include boardrooms, open plan commercial offices, lecture theatres and hospitality function rooms.


Clouds & Baffles

DecraFonic Panels are coated with a unique finishing provided only by Decra Acoustic. This finish gives the panels a high impact, cleanable surface that allows sound waves through to be dissipated by the sound absorbing substrate. This is provided in 3 different grades that are applied to the face and the edges of the panel in which each textile provides a different combination of subtle textured appearance and sound absorption performance.


Fabric Covered Baffles

Decra Baffles are high quality acoustic ceiling panels ideal for large spaces and interiors with limited wall space suspended from the ceiling. Decra Baffles provides the designer freedom in design that provides an excellent scope for variety of design solutions. Acoustic Baffles can be suspended vertically or horizontally which make them extremely effective as it absorbs sound on all sides.


"DecraFonic Ceiling Panels offered the ability to provide flexibility for our interior design which was a great way of creating a unique, innovative décor while providing a noticeable sound reduction. "



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