Hanging Patterned Screen

PET Polyester Hanging Patterned Screens

Acousticscreen Polyester Hanging Screens are designed to provide maximum decorative design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by minimising reverberation. The Acousticscreen Polyester Hanging Screens range provides both colour and perforated patterns acoustic control. Acousticscreen Polyester Hanging Patterned Screens are available in up to 43 colours and more than 50 cutout patterns.

Free Standing/Mobile On Wheels

Acousticscreen Hanging Patterned Screens can be designed to be placed onto mobile wheels if you prefer not to install them along the walls. This option is an innovative way to place acoustic screens in between desks to reduce sound levels in your workplace, while also assisting increasing the comfort and productivity for your employees. 

Wall Mounted

Acousticscreen Hanging Patterned Screens can also be designed as standard panels that are installed along the walls if you don't have space for it to be hanged or on mobile wheels. The appearance of wall mounted carved acoustic panels is a good solution to discover the limitless design flexibility of  DecraSound range. These panels offers you to choose from over 43 colors and 50 carved patterns to find what is suitable for your wall covering of your interior setting.

Available in

a range of

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