DecraSorb Ceiling Panels

The DecraSorb Ceiling range of fabric-covered panels are designed to provide interior decorative design flexibility, while significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation. Decra Ceiling panels consist of compressed fibreglass of 25mm which can be customised based on the clients setting. Our panels provide a cost effective way of providing sound absorption across a whole ceiling area. This is a popular solution to serve as a barrier for noise infested rooms where wall space is limited. By implementing ceiling panels this allows you to block sound from traveling to rooms, therefore creating an attractive finish of panels being installed to absorb sound.


Decra Ceiling Panels

DecraSorb Ceiling Panels are particularly suitable for noise control in commercial office interiors. They are easily installed into existing suspended ceiling grid systems, and can be fabricated to accommodate existing fittings such as air‐conditioning registers, sprinklers, etc. DecraSorb Ceiling Panels can be used in schools, hotels, restaurants, churches, or public places where there is likely to be a significant amount of sound generated by people, music or public address systems.


DecraSound Acoustic Ceiling Panels
Fabric Covered Baffles

Decra Baffles

Decra Baffles are high quality acoustic ceiling panels ideal for large spaces and interiors with limited wall space suspended from the ceiling. Decra Baffles provides the designer freedom in design that provides an excellent scope for variety of design solutions. Acoustic Baffles can be suspended vertically or horizontally which make them extremely effective as it absorbs sound on all sides.

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DecraSorb Ceiling Panels were installed, and the noise levels were reduced. The manager later commented that “many clients have said what a difference it makes ”.



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