DecraSorb Acoustic Panels

DecraSorb Acoustic Wall Panels are constructed from high performance sound absorbing insulation infill covered with woven acoustic screen fabric, an MDF frame and backing, and include an impact resistant acoustic membrane under the fabric facing. Our product range offers a variety of fabric colours to select from as well as custom printed ‘art’ fabric that are selected by our clients to represent their business brand. DecraSorb panels have been designed and tested in certified acoustic laboratories to ensure that it successfully absorb sound frequencies according to the thickness. Decra Sorb can be installed in any public space such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, theatre rooms, studios and many more.

DecraSorb Fabric Wrapped Panels

DecraSorb Acoustic Wall Panels are designed for installation in public places to reduce reverberation and improve sound quality. We offer panels in different thickness size that are pre-approved by our acoustic experts to meet the requirements of absorbing the sound frequencies. The panels can be installed onto any interior wall surface with a direct‐fix split batten system that is included with each panel.

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DecraSorb Acoustic Panels
DecraSorb Acoustic Panels

DecraSorb Acoustic Art Panels

DecraSorb Arts Panels can incorporate elegant art onto our acoustic wall panels. Decra Acoustics offers clients the opportunity to add their own artwork design onto our range of acoustic products to create flexibility as well as improving the sound quality. The art panels allow attractive designs to be implemented, to minimise reverberation acting as sound absorbent surfaces.

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"We purchased from DecraSound Acoustics for our conference room and are pleased with the results. It has eliminated the echo we had in the room and it looks very nice."


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